Monday, September 15, 2008

Sarah and Oprah

Solving Light Books has an interesting contrast between the beliefs Oprah Winfrey (on whom both Barach and Michelle Obama have heaped tremendous praise) and those of Sarah Palin. The article is an excellent insight into the culture wars and what is at stake.

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Terri B. said...

I just read this article. Rather frightening when laid out this way.

I used to occasionally watch Oprah and look at her magazine until I saw an "after the taping" bit where she engaged with her audience and proceeded to embarass and humiliate the views of a Christian couple. She actually chastised them for not agreeing with something that was clearly against their worldview as Christians. They were very respectful and polite in their disagreement yet they were treated by her as though they were scum. This was probably about 5 years ago. I knew then that she was showing her true "face" and since then I absolutely refuse to watch or listen to her and I certainly don't contribute to her empire by buying her magazine.