Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Qualified to be President

I was listening to the Michael Medved radio show today when an angry caller phoned in loudly ranting and raving about how unqualified Sarah Palin is.

Mr. Medved asked her what Barack Obama had done that made her think he was qualified to be President. The only thing she could think of was that Obama was against the war in Iraq. Although there are many intelligent people who are against the war, there are also some absolute idiots who oppose the war. Just being against the war does not qualify someone to be President of the United States.

Although Sarah Palin is running for Vice President she is actually more qualified to be President than Barack Obama! Obama is a U.S. Senator and I'm sure U.S. Senators become experts in U.S. and foreign affairs given enough time, but Barack Obama is still in his first term and much of that has been spent avoiding committee meetings so he can run for President!

In the state senate Barack Obama had the luxury of avoiding decisions by voting "present." As governor, Sarah Palin didn't have that luxury. She had to make real decisions that affected real people's lives. She had to oversee numerous departments, a huge budget and the largest state in the union; and when things when wrong, the buck stopped at her desk.

Granted, she doesn't have as much experience as governor as others like Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton when they ran for President. But Sarah Palin not running for President!

Even so, she is more qualified to be President than Barack Obama. The fact is that the only one on either ticket who has actual government executive experience is Sarah Palin!

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Alcamadus said...

This has really begun to baffle me. I thought this whole "Sarah Palin" doesn't have experience argument would die flat on its face the first week it was made. But people are actually buying into it and not actually looking at their own Presidential candidate. It seriously astonishes the mind.

In the end, you can tell people are more out for blood than actually thinking rationally.