Saturday, September 20, 2008

Palin supporters just white trash

Now a journalist in Canada is saying that those of us who support Sarah Palin are just "white trash" (I'm sure that will be quite a revelation to the black supporters of Sarah Palin I saw at the McCain / Palin rally yesterday).

Watch the entire video. The insights at the end about Canada's Human Rights Commission hit the nail right on the head! It's not about civil rights at all. it is about Leftist fascists silencing free speech and enforcing their views on everyone else. (I've never been a particular fan of Greta but after seeing this clip, I think she should be appointed Secretary of State :-)

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professor ed said...

Mallick is not a "journalist" in any reputable since of the word. She composes this anti-American verbiage for her liberal handlers at the CBC. I would not give her any more credibility than I would a "reporter" doing a similiar hatchet job for the National Inquirer. The fact that a bit of Canadian blood flows through my arteries, makes me even more full of contempt for the lack of reputable "reporting" displayed by this mis-guided individual.