Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Palin, a pig in lipstick???

Did Barack Obama--in a plausibly deniable sort of way--imply that Sarah Palin was a pig in lipstick? See Hot Air for the story and video. (See also Hugh Hewitt).

Maybe it was just an innocent slip but I'm quite sure that if McCain had made the same "slip" toward Hillary during the primaries, we'd be looking at a differnt Republican candidate for President. Republican Senator Trent Lott lost his job over lesser slip.

Carol Platt Liebau asks,
Was Barack actually referring to the Governor of Alaska -- and the GOP's vice presidential nominee -- as a pig? Or was he so clueless that he didn't understand the impact of his words? If it's the former, so much for the politics of "change" that Barack's supposed to personify. If it's the latter, let's hope that, were he to become President, he doesn't inadvertantly encourage Putin and the rest of the Russians to invade Europe.

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