Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain Obama debate

I just finished watching the debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. I was a little disappointed in McCain's performance. I thought he missed numerous wide-open opportunities to nail Obama.

Even so, I will be surprised if it significantly changes the results in the polls.


Kevin said...

I think John McCain did a good job of highlighting his experience and understanding of how the world actually works and how Senator Obama's viewpoint is simplistic and dangerous, whoever nice it may sound.

I agree with you though, I wish McCain would have highlighted how Obama's willingness to sit down w/ terrorist nations, racist nations, evil nations, would encourage racism and violence.

Unfortunately I think the real problem we have is that the average American is an absolute idiot who can't understand short-term vs. long-term benefit. Obama's strategies, particularly his economic strategies, sound absolutely wonderful... health care, economic "fairness" for all, and immediate peace... sounds good, but Obama's policies fail. He can't actually deliver. His ideas have been tried... and they produced a substantial housing crisis and pushed our economy to the brink of near failure. Obama is naive at best.

Dennis said...
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Dennis said...


I agree. Even in light of what Obama himself describes as the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression, Obama was still proposing and promoting his absolutely massive spending and entitlement programs (which never go away and just grow larger and larger)!

We haven't even figured out how to solve the impending Social Security and Medicare crisis, (much less the current financial crisis)! How Obama could stand there with a straight face and continue to propose even more entitlement programs boggles the mind, and it was also hard to understand why McCain didn’t just hammer him into the ground on this issue.

But Obama gets away with promising the moon and most Americans--for reasons beyond comprehension--are swallowing his bait hook, line and sinker!

carol said...

Jon McCain sounded like an old man . He repeated the phrase, "Senator Obama doesn't understand" too many times. He failed to look at Obama throughout the debate. On the other hand, Barak Obama spoke well. He showed that he had considerable knowledge of the current economic problems and he was well versed in foreign affair. He was not afraid to look at McCain throughout the debate. Obama won the debate. H. Laddie Schnaiberg

Dennis said...


You wrote, "Jon McCain sounded like an old man."

What an "ageist" thing to say! Given the choice between the experience that comes with age, and the inexperience that comes with youth--all other things being equal--age wins hands down!

Carol wrote, "He repeated the phrase, "Senator Obama doesn't understand" too many times."

I think there is a good reason for that. It is because Barack Obama really doesn't understand!

Carol wrote,"He failed to look at Obama throughout the debate."

True enough. But in the big scheme of Presidential positions does that really make any differnece at all? For example, when it comes to dealing with a tyrrannical nation that wants to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth and would like to take over the world for Islam, does it really matter whether one candidate looked at another one during the debate?

Carol wrote, "On the other hand, Barak Obama spoke well."

True enough. Barack Obama is a very good orator. That would make him a good press secretary but history has shown us that good orators can also be monsters! We have to look beyond their oratory skills to see what they are actually proposing. And Barack Obama is proposing billions of dollars in new entitlement programs! When asked about how the current economic crisis would affect his proposals, Obama acted as if the crisis would have no affect at all! The govenement is going to give 700 billion dollars of your tax money to Wall Street and Obama doesn't think that is going to affect his plans to spend billions of dollars more on what he thinks are non-negotiable spending programs, like early childhood education?

There is absolutely no way Obama can do all he promises to do. He is just trying to win votes. Its like political bribery. And it seems to be working.

Carol wrote, "He showed that he had considerable knowledge of the current economic problems"

No, Carol. He really doesn't. See my answer above. Anyone who thinks the government can throw 700 billion dollars at what Obama himself thinks is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression--but also thinks that this will not significantly affect his own massive spending promises--is either truly out of touch with realilty, or he is deliberatly lying to get votes. The first is ignornace. The second is evil. Neither are qualities I want in my president!

Carol wrote, "and he was well versed in foreign affair."

That is very debatable! I think Obama showed himself to be dangerouos when it comes to foreign affairs, but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

Thanks for responding.