Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain, Obama and the economic crisis

Today, John McCain formally suspended his campaign to go back to Washington to deal with the financial crisis. McCain also suggested that Friday’s debate be re-scheduled and that he, Obama, the Congress and the President come together in a bi-partisan effort to solve this crisis.

Barack Obama, on the other, hand not only rejected the proposal to re-schedule the debate, but he has refused to suspend his campaign even for a few days to deal with what he himself described as the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression! When asked by reporters about this, Obama said that Presidents need to deal with more than one issue at once and that people want to know how their President will deal with the issues.

Obama is right that Presidents have to deal with more than one issue at once. But when there is a genuine crisis, we expect our President to drop his campaigning and deal with the crisis! And in this particular case, Obama simply cannot interact with the debate going on in Washington while he is on the campaign trail! Obama’s true priorities are coming through loud and clear.

Obama is also right that people want to know how their next President will deal with the issues. What better way than to go to Washington and demonstrate by actions how he will handle a real crisis? Instead, Obama, the great orator, just wants to talk about the crisis. He doesn’t want to go to Washington where he might actually have to take a stand and do something other than vote “present.”

Obama said he told Congressional leaders he will go to Washington if he can be helpful. If he can be helpful?!!! He is a U.S. Senator who, if elected will inherit whatever Congress decides. In a serious crisis, don't you think a leader should take the initiative to get out in front and actually lead rather than wait to see if someone asks for his help?

Cynics will counter that McCain’s move is blatantly political. Of course it is! Everything both candidates do is political! But in this case we are dealing with the most serious crisis since the Great Depression, and both Presidential candidates are Senators who have direct responsibility for dealing with the crisis. Beside, one of them will have to live with whatever Congress decides. In this case, it is absolutely irresponsible to “fiddle” i.e. conduct campaign business as usual, while “Rome burns.”

So while John McCain is exhibiting amazing leadership, putting his country before his own chance at the presidency, Barack Obama is waiting to see if anyone needs him while he puts his campaign first.


St.Lee said...

No one should the least surprised that Senator Obama is too busy to be a Senator. As soon as he was elected to the Illinois legislature, he spent all his time running for the U.S. Senate. Once he was elected to the U.S. Senate he spent all of his time running for the Presidency. The only question is what he will spend his time running for if he should win the Presidency. King of the world?

Dennis said...

Good point! I guess they don't call him the "Obamassiah" for nothing :-)