Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Left's abuse of women

If you read nothing else today, please read Michelle Malkin's outstanding article on the Left's abusive treatment of women. While those on the Left pretend to be the champions of women, many Leftists are really only for women who subserviently tow the Left's party line. Step out of line, ladies, and many on the Left will turn on you like a pack of the vicious wolves-in-sheep's clothing.

Make no mistake about it. The Left's vile personal attacks on Sarah Palin are attacks on ALL women.


Robert said...

The important thing to note is that the left has ceased to just try and destroy people politically, they attempt to criminalize and outright destroy the target herself. When I look at how entirely loony they've gotten, it's a far cry from the party of JFK and Roosevelt. It's like a group of disaffected socialists who will do anything to bring down their opposition. Dehumanization is part of that process. They'll go so far as to side with America's enemies just to prove their political opposition wrong. There is something very sick about that attitude.

Linda Jones said...

You know that if their candidate doesn't win, it's not because people disagree with the issues but that everyone must be stupid or on some kind of drug.
Even if women cannot vote for McCain, they should think about sending a message to the Democrats and staying home or leaving that part of the ballot blank.