Friday, September 19, 2008

John, Sarah and I

I just got back from seeing John McCain and Sarah Palin. It was an intimate little gathering of just John, Sarah, and me...............and about five or ten thousand of their closest friends.

It was in an airport hanger which appeared to me to be about the size of a couple football fields. I was about half way between the back and the front which means that because there were no chairs and everyone was standing, I could see John and Sarah waaaaaay up there if I stood on my tip-toes.

I certainly like what they had to say but I must admit that the most memorable moment came after it was all over and people were streaming. I turned to see an adorable little 2 or 3 year old kid with Down's Syndrome sitting up on his mother's shoulders. He had this great big smile for everyone who asked to take his picture while he sat on his mom's shoulders waving a sign that read "We love Trig" (the "love" part was actually a heart with an American Flag inside).

For any who just came back from hiking in Antartica, Trig is the Palin's new Down's Syndrome child.

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