Friday, September 26, 2008

Harry Reid and the economic crisis

In a news conference that is still in progress, Senator Harry Reid said that the insertion of Presidential politics has not been helpful and that Democrats have asked John McCain to take a stand but that he has not done so. Reid said that McCain has only been standing before the cameras.

That's strange. I've seen Reid and Obama in front of the cameras but I haven't seen McCain coming out to the cameras at all since he went back to Washington!

And Reid wants McCain to take a stand? Isn't better to listen and consider all the options before taking a stand? Sounds to me like Reid just wants to know where McCain stands so he can thrown stones.

And about the insertion of Presidential politics into this crisis: Reid is not complaining about Obama coming to Washington. He just didn't want McCain to come to Washington. But McCain or Obama will be the next President of the United States. One of them will inherit this crisis. What kind of idiocy is it that expects the Presidential candidates to stay away and not be involved, or at least informed first hand, about the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression?

The blatant politicizing of this crisis by Democrats Harry Reid and Chris Dodd today is absolutely despicable!


Babel In Brunswick said...

Harry Reid is an idiot. This bailout bill broke down at 1PM yesterday, before McCain came to Washington. Reid needs to go back to Searchlight, NV and retire.

professor ed said...

Harry "I believe... that this war is lost and that the surge is not accomplishing anything" Reid is so far to the left that it would take him a lightyear to travel to what remains of the center of his party. The only positive thing I can say about this individual is that he is to the right of his party's presidential candidate; but not by much. I frankly find it inconcevable how a large part of the voting public seems to overlook the blatant verbal, and otherwise, excesses of the likes of Pelozi, Reid, and "big scream" Dean!