Friday, September 19, 2008

God and Sarah Palin

While reading the "Wheaton Weekly" I came accross a link to an outstanding article entitled, "Bashing God by dissing Sarah." When you get a chance, please read the entire article. In the mean time, I've pasted a few excerpts below:

Sarah Palin not only believes in God, she belongs, to the horror of her liberal critics, to the Assemblies of God, an evangelical church. For many liberals this is the equivalent of The Making of the President meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

…Palin terrifies the left precisely because her election… would not simply shatter the glass ceiling but redefine feminism itself as the glass explodes. Gone for good would be the image of the pant-suited, pro-abortion, secular-centered Powerful Woman. In her place would be a skirt-wearing, vibrantly pro-life, God-centered woman who is neither afraid of her own femininity or, importantly, ashamed of her working class roots and the religious values that come with them.

From Gloria Steinem to Hillary to a seemingly endless parade of media stars, the message was always that "woman equals liberal." Worse, it defined "woman" as economically well-to-do professionals with a fistful of graduate degrees all obtained from some elite East or Left coast university. It was a massive untruth, a political conceit…

[Sarah Palin] has taken a shotgun to the glass ceiling that kept God-fearing, child-rearing, gun-owning, non-Ivy League, pro-life, working women from so visibly rising to the top rungs of American society. This is why the vitriol that pours forth to
be dumped over her political head. Palin is a personal threat to the very core image liberal Democrats have of women, of feminism itself.

Make no mistake. The vociferous attacks on Sarah Palin…are about much, much more than they seem. A lot of them aren't even about Sarah Palin at all.

Their real target doesn't even have His name on the ballot.

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Alcamadus said...

It really is crazy how bloodthirsty they've become. They are like chained, starving dogs with bloody meat dangling in front of their faces.