Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fair and balanced

Isn't it interesting how some on the Left have criticized Sarah Palin because 20-some years ago her husband got a DWI, when about the same time Barack Obama admits that he was using drugs?!

Isn't it intersting how some on the Left have challenged Sarah Palin's fitness to be a parent because she would expose her children to political life, when no one in the media ever questioned Joe Biden's fitness to be a father when he was a single parent?

Isn't it interesting how some on the Left have made an issue out of the teen pregnancy of Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter, when many of these same people strongly defended Bill Clinton's sex with a young intern in the White House?

Can you say "double-standard."

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Alcamadus said...

The vicious brutality that the media has used to try to destroy Sarah Palin is sickening. I am absolutely disgusted. They are already having articles about whether or not she should be removed as the candidate for VP. RIDICULOUS!