Friday, September 26, 2008

Economic crisis and self-first

Yesterday Barack Obama, John McCain and President Bush met in a bi-partisan effort to solve the energy crisis.

The effort failed.

Meanwhile, there was optimism that Congress was about to reach and agreement on the crisis.

They failed.

Congress then went to work late into the night to find a solution.

And while the President, the House of Representatives, The Senate, and Senator John McCain are all hard at work trying to rescue the nation from what Barack Obama himself called the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression...........

Senator Barack Obama is planning to board a plane to go back to work trying to make himself President.

Self first! That's real leadership isn't it!


Kevin said...

Very true. Obama could very clearly state that Democrats needed to get on board and get this problems solved now. He could suspend his campaign, just as McCain did, and continue to push his party to come to the table and reform. He could reach across the isle to John McCain and together they could drive both parties to make this change happen... but instead, we see politicians jockying for political position and credit. Me first, party second, major-donating consituents third, pet-agendas fourth, and maybe if we get to it Americans fifth... that's Washington.

We need leaders who will bring change to Washington. Not more of the same. Not politicians who create these crisis. Not politicians who have been completely unable to effectively address healthcare, education, the US budget, effective and fair taxes, social security, energy, and the environment. Our government is better then nothing... but is constantly and miserably failing.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are our best chance for real reform in Washington.

Kevin said...

Oh... I forgot immigration... our national immigration policy is a complete and total disgrace. It punishes honest hard-working people who want to be Americans and promotes illegal immigration. We need to fire these politicians...