Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin's experience

Many people are questioning (if now outright attacking) the choice of Sarah Palin for Vice President based on her lack of experience. I think it is a bit ironic for the Obama campaign to attack anyone on experience, but be that as it may, here are our choices:

1. An inexperienced President with an experienced Vice President

2. An experienced President with and inexperienced Vice President

So if experience was your only critieria, which would you rather have, and inexperienced President, or an inexperienced Vice President? The choice is a no brainer.

Nevertheless, it also needs to be pointed out that this "inexperienced" Vice President has more actual executive experience than anyone else on either ticket!

Someone yesterday quipped that if something (heaven forbid) were to happen to John McCain, Sarah Palin could always choose Joe Biden as her running mate :-)


Kevin said...

The Washington establishment is scared b/c she doesn't owe any of them any favors... a real reformer who puts Americans first and wants to reduce government spending and has a proven track record of doing just that absolutely horrifies them.

Robert said...

The funny part is that Palin would compare extremely favorably against Obama on just experience. Has Obama run anything before?

Alcamadus said...

I think Kevin is probably on to something there. Palin would be a definite thorn in their side.

And Robert, adding on to your thought, just consider all that she has DONE as governor. She's accomplished way more than Obama can even fathom.

I blogged about this too. This experience argument is so hypocritical, bias, prejudice, and just bigoted. These people don't stop to think "Oh, Obama is just as inexperienced".

It's nonsense.