Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saddleback Civil Forum: Abortion

I've been watching Rick Warren interviewing Barack Obama. Obama said that deciding when a baby gets civil rights is "above his pay grade" and that he thinks the governemnt should stay out of it because the decision to have an abortion is a very difficult decision for women and not one they take lightly.

Good point. So when a woman has a baby and later finds out that their baby is a financial burden, or that their baby stands in the way of their career or schooling, they should just be able to kill the baby. After all, these are difficult decisions and women never take them lightly so the govenment should just stay out of it.

In case you think my sarcasm is mean-spirited and outrageous, remember that Barack Obama opposed legistation protecting living babies from being left on a shelf to die!

A baby is just as much a human being one month before birth as s/he is one month after birth. Most people still want the government to prosecute those who kill their babies one month after they are born. Why is it above someone's pay grade to figure out that we should not kill babies one month before they are born?

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