Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama's smear machine

Un-be-lievable! The Obama campaign is now accusing John McCain of hearing some of the questions from the Rick Warren forum beforehand. John McCain was apparently still in a Secret Service motorcade when the questioning of Obama began and McCain did so well that the only possible explanation could be that he heard the questions ahead of time, right? I mean, it couldn't possibly be that McCain was just more experienced and prepared, right?

The unsubstantiated rumor first began with NBC's Andrea Mitchell and was quickly picked up and spread by the Obama campaign and in the Leftist "nutroots" (Michelle Malkin). The McCain Campaign has denied the rumors and John McCain himself has reportedly complained to the President of NBC.

If McCain had answered the first set of questions very well, but stumbled as the night went on, I might wonder if the Obama campaign had a point. But McCain actually seemed to do better as the night went on!

I think this is an obvious case of the Obama camp realizing that their candidate just didn't hold a candle to McCain, so the Obama apologists and smear machine kicked in. So much for changing the way Washington works if Obama is elected.


jazzycat said...

Obama was careful to not offend his kook radical base while at the same time try to disguise his marxist policies by being vague. As Rush says nobody has ever been better at saying nothing.

McCain spoke honestly and frankly about his core beliefs and gave specifics rather than post-modern philosphical platitudes. If it had been a football game, it would have been over at halftime.

professor ed said...

The smear meahine is all Obama's handlers have to fall back on. By the end of the two hours I was highly impressed with McCain's straignt forward, suscinct answers, as opposed to Obama who tended to stammer noticibly as his verbiage circumvented desired answers to question after question. As one example, compare the answer given by each as to when life begins.

Dennis said...

I was listening to pollster Frank Luntz on the Michael Medved radio show today. They were talking about how Obama tried so hard to answer the questions in a way that would not alienate any voters, in one case, holding two opposite positions at the same time.

Luntz quipped that he wondered if Obama becomes President whether Obama would give both his acceptance speech and the rebuttal :-)