Saturday, August 09, 2008

Obama and infanticide

In 1999, nurse Jill Stanek made a discovery that almost sounds like something out of a "B" horror movie. Ms. Stanek discovered that some babies were surviving hospital abortions but were just being shelved in a utility room and left to die!

In 2001-2002 Ms. Stanek testified before a committee on which Barack Obama was a member. Obama strongly opposed doing anything to save the lives of such babies. Twice, Obama voted against protecting the babies and twice the measure failed.

When the bill was later brought up in 2003 Obama stopped it "from even getting a hearing." It was only in 2005, after Obama had left the Illinois state legislature, that a bill protecting the babies finally passed.

A similar bill, known as the Born Alive Infants Protection Act made it to the U.S. Senate and received support even from such liberal Democrats as Kennedy, Kerry and Clinton. Contrary to Obama, even liberal Democrats apparently agreed that infanticide went too far.

It almost boggles the mind that we would need a special act of Congress to protect the lives of innocent living human beings! But what boggles the mind even more is how devout Christians, Muslims and Jews could even consider voting for a candidate who so recently fought to deliberately leave live babies alone on a utility room shelf to die!

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Alcamadus said...

Sounds a lot like when Roman's threw their unwanted children on the street to die.

How humane and civilized humanity has come, right?