Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama and Biden

CNN is reporting that Senator Joe Biden from Delaware is Obama's official choice for Vice President. Biden was Senator in Delaware even back...a long time ago...when I was in the Air Force there. In fact, Biden has been a Senator since I graduated from high school, a long, long time ago!

While I disagree with Biden's politics, you can't question his experience. In fact, having Biden working for Obama is a bit like having a world-class heart surgeon working for a hospital orderly.

I must say that I a bit comforted that Obama has chosen Biden. When someone with a learners permit is driving a car, its nice to know that an experienced, licenced driver is in the other seat.


jazzycat said...

While I agree with you in principle, experience does not trump other attributes. Substitute competent for experience and I would be in more agreement. Obama appears to be phony and incompetent.

For example: I would certainly vote for an inexperienced conservative over Biden or any other experienced leftist 100% of the time.

Dennis said...

Jazzycat, I know what you're saying. My relative "comfort" is only in the fact that if Obama wins we at least now have some experience on the ticket. Before Biden, all we had was an inexperienced, deceptive, Leftist. The "perfect storm" of nightmares.

Kevin said...

Your analogy about a learners permit is too generous... I'd liken an Obama presidency to a guy whose logged a few hours in a Cessna trying to land a 777 in rough zero visibility conditions on a short strip with low fuel.

Alcamadus said...

Well at least we know now that Obama has some pragmatism to his campaign. He isn't running on idealism alone, but that doesn't really mean much.