Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain and Pawlenty

Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty is apparently being sent by the McCain campaign to Denver during the Democratic convention. In an interview this morning, Governor Pawlenty said that he was going to provide an opposing viewpoint to what the Democrats have to say at their convention.

In this interview, the reporter asked asked if McCain had chosen Pawlenty to be Vice President. Pawlenty did not say that McCain had not yet chosen a V.P. In fact, Pawlenty didn't even say that he didn't know who John McCain would choose. Instead, after what seemed like an awkward pause, Pawlenty finally said that McCain had a lot of good candidates to choose from.

I think Tim Pawlenty is an honest guy who would rather not say "I don't know" if he really did know. I suspect that he was scrambling to think of an honest but evasive answer.

I got the distinct impression that Pawlenty does know who McCain will choose and that Pawlenty will be it. On the other hand, I may just be over analyzing. I guess time will tell.

UPDATE: On the other hand, I could be wrong. "According to LGF, "TIME’s Mark Halperin has “two Republican sources” who say John McCain has decided on Mitt Romney for veep."

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