Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lesbian intolerance

A lesbian woman in San Diego wanted to be artificially inseminated. The doctor explained that she (the doctor) could not artificially inseminate an unmarried woman on religious grounds, but the doctor then referred the woman to another doctor who performed the procedure.

The lesbian woman then sued her first doctor for refusing to perform the procedure...the same procedure that another doctor had already performed by the time the lawsuit was filed! Apparently, tolerance is a one way street in the gay community!

The case went all the way to the California Supreme Court which decided that "discrimination" trumped Freedom of Religion and that doctors could not refuse to do artificial insemination on unmarried people.

When people are forced to violate their religious convictions, we no longer have freedom. We have tyranny.

Read the whole story at CNSNews.


professor ed said...

With all of its overbearing liberal intolerance, I continue to be amazed how Ronald Reagan actually hailed from California. I hope the doctors appeal this ruling. Once it gets past the 9th Circuit, we might see a rational ruling from the Supreme Court.

Kevin said...

The net result here is that medical care in California will increase in cost due to higher insurance premiums and fewer doctors. Working people and businesses in California will not only pay more for their personal medical coverage, but will also have to absorb the increased cost of state-sponsored medical coverage for California's citizens and illegal immigrants.