Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Know Enough?

Here is the video that has the Obama campaign so terrified they are willing to attempt to use the American legal system to intimidate and squash freedom of speech. See: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives2/2008/08/021330.php


Alcamadus said...

I read an article the other day where the Obama campaign blasted McCain for the ad as well, when it wasn't even approved or made by his own campaign!

professor ed said...

While this ad, in and of itself, will not sink the Obama campaign, it certainly will make some potential voters think long and hard before suporting him. But, unfortunately for the GOP, apparently a very large portion of the Illinois Senator's base, and continued target, are voters who were not even a twinkle in their mother's eye at the time of the Weather Underground, etc. Will any of this group, especially the "undecided", take the time to go back and look at our volatile 1960s? I don't know.