Saturday, August 02, 2008

In the name of religion

There is an atheist billboard being posted in some U.S. cities that says, “Imagine no religion.” Last month Recliner Commentaries argued that in the last century alone, atheist communist regimes killed about a thousand people for ever one person killed during the inquisition.

A common atheist response to statistics like this is that while many people have been killed “in the name of religion” no one has been killed “in the name of atheism.” While that point could be debated, let’s turn it around.

All over the country there are thousands of schools, homeless shelters, hospitals etc. that were founded in the name of religion--Baptist hospitals, Presbyterian Hospitals, Catholic hospitals, Jewish Hospitals etc.

Not only that but for hundreds of years, thousands of Christians have gone all over the world--often at great danger to themselves--bringing not only the gospel, but food, clothing, education, housing, and medical care to people of every race and nationality all “in the name of religion.”

Although there are also many secular schools and hospitals, how many were specifically founded “in the name of atheism?”

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