Sunday, August 03, 2008

Homosexuality and violence

According to a study on Violence and Homosexuality:

…it appears that the modern world record for serial killing is held by a Russian homosexual, Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted in 1992 of raping, murdering and eating parts of at least 21 boys, 17 women and 14 girls.

The top six U.S. male serial killers were all gay

A study of 518 sexually-tinged mass murders in the U.S. from 1966 to 1983 determined that 350 (68%) of the victims were killed by those who practiced homosexuality…

A substantial minority of homosexuals (between 22% to 37%) indulge in painful or violent sex…

In a national survey of random samples of homosexuals and heterosexuals, (7) 32% of those males who called themselves homosexual or bisexual versus 5% of heterosexual males reported having engaged in sadomasochism…

The 1980 CBS-TV documentary, Gay Power, Gay Politics reported that about 10% of the accidental deaths among young men in San Francisco resulted from sadomasochistic sex gone awry.

More alarmingly, between 15% to 40% of statutory rape (child molestation) involves homosexuality.

The ‘hate crimes’ gays complain about are infrequent and seldom involve more than name-calling or snide remarks. The FBI reported 431 hate crimes against homosexuals for the U.S. in all of 1991.

Only one was "confirmed" for Washington, D.C. – yet D.C. gay activists claimed 397 incidents! When pressed, they admitted that at least 366 of these "crimes" consisted of "verbal harassment."

This doesn’t imply that all homosexuals are violent. Of course not! But it does suggest that violence is a significant problem in the homosexual subculture and it raises serious concerns about a society that is now actively promoting homosexuality in its schools, media and entertainment!

Yet the public is almost totally kept in the dark about such statistics. Why is that? Some may not want to publish or investigate such statistics because it would mess up the gay rights’ agenda to portray homosexuality as just other loving alternative lifestyle…like Leave it to Beaver for the 21st century.

Others may be concerned that it would raise a backlash of violence against homosexuals.
Whenever anyone thinks about violence against homosexuals, the first name that usually comes to mind is Matthew Shepherd. Matthew Shepherd was a gay man from Wyoming who was brutally beaten by two thugs. His murder was covered extensively in the media, and numerous movies and songs have been produced in his honor.

Although Christianity had absolutely nothing to do with the atrocities committed against Mr. Shepherd, many have used his death to smear Christianity. NBC’s Katie Couric, for example, slanderously implied that several Christian organizations were to blame, and many others on the internet have followed her (even though ABC’s investigations led them to suggest that the motive may actually have involved drugs and robbery).

While the politically correct crowd doesn’t want to widely publicize statistics about violence committed by homosexuals for fear of increasing the violence against them, the PC crowd is apparently not concerned that falsely blaming Christians for such violence might increase hatred against Christians.

Please read the entire study called, Violence and Homosexuality which provides documentation for the statistics.


Robert said...

In many ways we're in another intellectual "dark age" where research that conflicts with the politically correct results in the destruction of the messenger. In many ways, I believe the contest for ideology surrounding homosexual behavior has been lost and we're likely to see continued normalization of the behavior. Suppression of information contrary to that goal (normalization) has been on-going for a while and it's likely to only get worse.

The statistics cited are troubling but I'd personally like to see a bit of the raw data and the methodology used to compile it. I think it's important for the people who believe that homosexuality is sinful to be backed with information that is unassailable. We have to be harsher than our critics in analyzing the data we bring forth. At this point, I find it unlikely we’re going to reverse course in normalizing homosexual behavior but I do believe we could stop its advance. In doing that, it’s going to take solid reasoning and an information campaign that shows the cost of allowing the “gay agenda” to continue.

Frankly, I also think we have a problem in dealing with the “love the sinner, hate the sin.” Too often we forget the teachings of Jesus in how he dealt with sinners and intermingled with them (especially considering that we ourselves are sinners). We’ve allowed ourselves to build a barrier between us and those who deliberately act in opposition to moral behavior. I wish I had answers for finding a way to cross the chasm that divides us. Unless we do, I fear it will only grow larger. What I am certain of is that our current method of approaching the problem has been an abject failure and has only succeeded in polarizing us.

While I recognize that any attitude that accepts the gay lifestyle as okay would be wrong, I do think we’ve got to find a way to win hearts and minds first. Perhaps we need to target the moral relativism that extends throughout the United States. If you can’t even get people to recognize good/evil, then you’ve got an issue you can never win.

jazzycat said...

We must make a distinction between sin for which one commits and is repentant over and denying that a Biblical sin is in fact a sin.

Individuals nor civil governments have the authority to change the moral teachings of the Bible. We have no option but to call sin sin chasm or not.