Monday, August 11, 2008

Edwards and Clinton

Did John Edwards cost Hillary Clinton the nomination?


professor ed said...

Much as it very much pains me to so do, I find myself agreeing with Carvel. All of this is pure speculation. Gee, if Obama had decided not to run for President, Clinton would probably be her party's nominee. Just think, if McCain and Romney had chosen not to seek the GOP nomination, Huckabee might be the nominee presumptive, etc., etc., etc.,

Robert said...

That seems unlikely. For the Democrats, infidelity seems like a resume enhancer rather than something that they'd abandon. ;)

Alcamadus said...

Clinton and her campaign seem to like to make thousands of excuses for why they lost. It just shows how arrogant they were and how it hurts to fall so hard. Besides, why is her campaign still talking about this especially after the fake show they played with "Party Unity". It seems even Clinton supporters are tired of hearing about her failed campaign.

Ed makes a solid point. We could spend hours on the "what ifs", but by the end of the day it doesn't add up to much. Time to stop whining and look forward.