Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Democrats block energy bill

This just in:

To block a vote on energy, Nancy Pelosi tried cutting the power in the House Pro-energy House Republicans are doing just that this week, refusing to let Nancy Pelosi and her anti-energy allies get away with ducking the energy issue.

On Friday morning, Nancy Pelosi suddenly and without warning, adjourned the House of Representatives. She knew how badly the anti-energy left was losing the argument over energy and knew she couldn't allow a full day of discussion about the American Energy Act to take place in front of the C-Span cameras and press. So she called the vote to adjourn, and when House Republicans refused to leave, Nancy Pelosi ordered the microphones and lights in the House be turned off.

Think about this: In order to block a vote on energy for America, Nancy Pelosi tried to cut off power to the House of Representatives. (Winning the Future, August 5, 2008).

No wonder Pelosi's "most ethical Congress in history" has the lowest poll ratings in history! So while we're all paying high gas prices, the Democrats who specifically ran on promises to lower gas prices, are on vacation refusing to even discuss the issue!

The only question now, is whether American voters will still remember this in November.


Robert said...

What? No way! Nancy is just helping to concern power by turning off the lights and cameras.

Robert said...

concern... conserve. :)

professor ed said...

Look at what the Gallop Poll has to say about our congressional "knights in shining armor":
Percentage backing re-election for their member and most members near all-time lows
August 5, 2008Just 36% of voters say that most members of Congress deserve re-election, while only 57% say this about their own representative. Both are among the lowest Gallup has measured since 1992. (http://www.gallup.com/tag/Election%2B2008.aspx)