Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Well-intentioned utopians"

"Conservatives who will not vote for McCain are well-intentioned utopians." So says radio talk show host Dennis Prager. If you are conservative and need more reasons to support John McCain, read Mr. Prager's article, "Why I support John McCain."

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Robert said...

...or they realize that McCain brings the same brand of big government Republicanism that has gotten the Republican Party into this mess.

Let's not forget that McCain consistently undermined Bush when it came to certain conservative values like tax cuts. He created the gang of 14 to hamstring Bush's judicial nominees from being approved. He pushed to muzzle conservative groups by advocating and passing campaign finance reform. At best McCain's actions for the last 8 years show him to be a centrist who supports big government, interference in the private sector, and an enemy of the conservative grass roots movement. He time and again has chosen to court moderates and left of center supporters with the expectation that we conservatives will simply fall in line and vote for him.

It should be apparent that a strategy of picking moderate/centrist big government Republicans is a losing one. When it comes to matters of principal, they’ll choose the option that means less political pain and less shellacking in the leftist media. They’ll go with the flow. I’m no longer interested in choosing a candidate who’ll take a little longer to bring me to socialism than his opponent. If we take 10 years or 20 years to erode our personal rights, what difference does it make?

McCain was the media’s darling as long as he was opposing conservative Republicans. Now he’s being beaten up regularly by the press. McCain loved the adoration he received from the press and I can’t believe he’ll accept being hated by them while he’s in office. All the pressure will be to move left with very little pushing him right (as he’ll be the de facto head of the Republican Party). Considering McCain’s past eight years, does he seem to represent a principled conservative stand against socialism? I’d say no, he doesn’t.

In my opinion, there are only three possibilities:

1. Allow Obama to win. Obama will really mess things up, but I would expect the Republicans to make a massive turn around in 2012. Considering that the liberals would control all three branches of government, they could scarcely blame the conditions on anyone but their bad policies. Result: 4 years TERRIBLE policies, then a good chance for returning to conservative values

2. McCain victory with a moderate running mate. Such a situation would probably end up with the worst situation. Republicans could very likely get blamed for the continued economic problems (despite the law making body being controlled by the Democrats). The judge appointments would probably be moderates (which at least is better than leftists). Result: 4 years of mediocre policies with a leftward push, then a highly probable chance of losing the presidency to the leftists for 8 years.

3. McCain victory with a conservative running mate. This possibility is probably the most attractive for us with the least at risk. If we can hold our nose for four years we end up with a conservative in position to make a solid run for the Whitehouse. A conservative VP might help to hold McCain to the right instead of him sliding to the left to get leftist media approval. Result: 4 years of mediocre policies with a rightward push, then a good chance for a conservative president.