Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Peace in Iraq

The United States delivered Iraq from the oppression of a brutal tyrant who supported terrorists and kept his people in line using secret police and torture chambers. When that didn’t work, Saddam used WMD to slaughter his own people by the thousands. All told, he may have been responsible for as many as two million deaths.

After ridding Iraq of this tyrant, America then helped Iraq to set up a democracy in which Iraqis can vote for their own elected representatives (for the first time in history). The U.S. is now building roads, schools, utilities and hospitals. What compassionate person could possibly be against this?

On the other hand, those who want to return Iraq to the days of tyranny are Islamic radicals from places outside Iraq like Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran—or they are former Baathist allies of Saddam Hussein, who have no problem with mass indiscriminate slaughter of anyone—including innocent Muslim women and children—who stands in the way of their goal of returning Iraq to the days of tyranny.

So when Code Pink and other radical anti-war activists blame all the deaths in Iraq on the United States, and fight to pull the U.S. out of Iraq immediately, just whose side are they on and whose peace are they working to ensure?


L'oiseau said...

I understand where you're coming from, but you know that the war in Iraq hasn't been all the pretty picture you've made it out to be in those few paragraphs.

The thousands of deaths that this war has caused, not to mention injuries, some inflicted on POWs by our own government and military, is a big part of what people are frustrated about and fighting against.

I do think this is a different war than any the US has been in before. The Middle East is such a disaster anyway, with all the different sects, and the religion thrown in there, so it was definitely a first time for our country, but still, it could have been handled...I'll say...not atrociously.

Then again, a few weeks ago, I was asked if I wear a tin foil hat, so maybe I'm just making it all up. I've kind of steered clear for a while. Ad hominem is annoying.

jazzycat said...

I do recall a comment where you called President Bush a liar about the WMD intelligence. You must understand this is annoying to those of us that understand many Democrats were saying the same thing Bush said for years before and after he was President. Are they liars as well?