Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pastors afraid to preach

According to OneNewsNow a new book by a U.S. Senator says that "many Christians and their pastors are afraid to state their moral convictions about abortion, homosexuality, pornography, and other issues."

The article says that this senator is "urging clergy and people of faith to fearlessly proclaim what they believe is right for America."

I think the Senator is right. Since any attempt to call sin by its name is viewed by society as "hatred," many people don’t want their pastors to preach on sin and judgment. They are like the people in the days of the prophet Isaiah who said, “Give us no more visions of what is right! Tell us pleasant things, prophesy illusions” (Isaiah 30:10)

So many pastors just preach psycho-babble-feel-good-health-wealth-and prosperity messages, or they substitute preaching on biblical sins for new politically correct sins like the lack of environmental consciousness.

(For the biblically illiterate: Isaiah’s prophecies about the destruction of the nation came true).


Alcamadus said...

Freedom of Speech was put in place so that everyone could be able to make their case without fear of retribution. So Christians should be able to say what they believe and make their case for it. Just as Homosexuals are making their case. But what we are seeing is further backlash on Christians by the people and the government. They are essentially told, "You are wrong. Shut up." As far as I am concerned, that isn't constitutional for the government to say at all.

The whole point was to disagree with the government, just as thousands disagree with the President and make their voices heard. Christians, even against adversity, can disagree with the Judges decision, can disagree with the government. That is why we are a democracy.

The more this continues, the more sick I become because it is obvious prejudice, obvious hypocrisy, and obviously contrary to the intentions of the founders.

Alcamadus said...

If you study even the thoughts of Deists like Jefferson or Franklin they even considered religion and Christianity good for society. When Jefferson proposed separation of Church and State it wasn't intended to eliminate their constitutional rights. It was to embed the idea that there shouldn't be a state Church, like there were in Europe because that would impede on free thought and religion.

Now, Christianity is treated like a disease. Like lepers cast out of the mainline thinking of society. If we are to be consistent with the political thoughts of the Bill of Rights, then we have no right to silence Pastors, to silence Churches, and to silence Christians.