Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Obama's faith based initiatives

Barack Obama just announced his vision to expand George Bush’s Faith Based Initiatives which provide government support for religious-based charities.

According to the New York Times “Mr. Obama made clear, however, that he would work to ensure that charitable groups receiving government funds be carefully monitored to prevent them from using the money to proselytize and to prevent any religion-based discrimination against potential recipients or employees.” (emphasis mine)

I’ve never been a fan of President Bush’s Faith Based Initiatives. What the government funds, the government controls. And any “Christian” organization that is content to care only for physical needs at the expense of caring for spiritual needs, is not worthy of the name “Christian.”

(Hat tip to Professor Ed and Jamie D. for brining this to my attention).


Kevin said...

Solution: Fair Tax

Limit the power of the federal government to turn us against ourselves, to use our own money to grow their power.

Dennis said...

Amen! Sadly, I think our hopes of a Fair Tax faded away with Mike Huckabee.