Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama's "gaffes" and the media

Republican Vice President Dan Quayle was once helping with a spelling bee in a school in Trenton, New Jersey when he corrected a student for spelling potato without a final e. “Potatoe” is an outdated spelling, so the liberal press absolutely cooked Quayle’s goose for weeks over this triviality.

But when Barack Obama claims to be on the Senate Banking Committee (when he is not), or claims to have traveled through all 57 states, or talks about the “bomb” that was dropped on Pearl Harbor, or describes his philosophy of politics saying, “if they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun”, the liberal press pretty much gives him a pass.

And they complain about Fox News being biased!


Robert said...

I heard someone comment that the press is filled with bias, but along with that bias, they want to be part of something. They so badly want Obama to be president because it makes them part of something historic... the first black president.

Along with the normal bias you have in the MSM, you have this desire. In fact, it may be more important in this case than their political leanings.

Dennis said...


I think you're probably right. I also think McCain could take at least some of the wind out of this sail by choosing a woman and/or someone from a minority group as vice president. Jindal would be a great choice--though he denies he's in the running.

professor ed said...

I don't expect to see an Obama McCain debate any time soon; and certainly not a "townhall" match-up. Obama's staff knows that in either format their candidate runs the risk of coming off as an eager novice standing next to a wise, silver-haired mentor.

Steve said...

Are you living in a bubble? Here are some of McCain's gaffes:

-said Iraq borders Pakistan.
-confused Somalia and Sudan.
-referred to "Vladimir Putin of Germany"
-said troops in Iraq were down to pre-surge levels.
-mixed up Sunnis and Shiites.
-referred twice to Czechoslovakia, a country that no longer exists.
-claimed the surge resulted in the Anbar Awakening whih tookplace before the surge.

Dennis said...


From inside my bubble it looks to me like all of McCain's gaffes put together don't compare to even one of Obama's.

For example, any third grader knows the United States doesn't have 57 states and most of them probably know that if they even joked about bringing a gun they would get kicked out of school :-)

Alcamadus said...

*Sarcastic Clapping*

Next we'll be arguing if McCain's mom can beat up Obama's mom.

How about sticking to the issues instead of throwing pointless mistakes at each other, or maybe we should just get both of them together to play Mad Gab and see who wins. ;P

Kevin said...

Alcamadus, I agree. The issues are clear. Obama strongly supports genocide (aka abortion), Obama's foreign policy strategy of talk-talk-talk plays into the hands of Iran and is probably the most ridiculous since Jimmy Carter, Obama's social strategies will completely undermine an already struggling economy by creating trillions of dollars in government programs many of which will be available to non-tax paying residents. Obama is constantly changing his position on issues to suit his audience or to when it becomes obvious that his wonderful sounding soundbites are naive and dangerous.

John McCain engages the people, he has a lifetime of distinguished service for this country, he's got a track-record of bi-partisan leadership, and government reform. I don't always agree with him, but in comparison he's the clear choice for the President of the United States.

All that said... the point here is that the media has historically jumped all over these things. You may recall during BushJr's first election campaign he couldn't name the leaders of Chechnya, India, and Pakistan... the press had a field day. Now... the press seems to think "Can I get you a cup of coffee Barack?" is a tough question, doesn't bash him for these "are you smarter than a 5th grader" mistakes... and is so obsessed with selling advertisements (Obama sells) that any claim of unbiased reporting is just absurd.

John McCain is the right choice for President. Vote McCain.

Steve said...

Do you really believe that Obama doesn't know there are 50 states and thathe meant the comment about bringing a gun to a knife fight literally!!?? It's hard to tell if you are just stupid or dishonest.

jazzycat said...

Does Obama really think he is on the Senate banking committee? If he isn't lying and really didn't know, then the sky is the limit in what he may not know and this would include the number of states in the USA.

BTW, it is not hard to tell things about your character by your comments. Dennis is as nice a blogger as you will find anywhere and he certainly is not stupid or dishonest. Obviously your candidate (Obama) is one of these and possibly both.