Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The "Obama two-step"

The impression that Barack Obama is a flip-flopper who changes his positions depending on his audience is not just Republican spin. Even a liberal Democrat is concerned about what he calls "the Obama two-step"! According to Bob Herbert,
...Senator Obama is not just tacking gently toward the center. He’s lurching right when it suits him, and he’s zigging with the kind of reckless abandon that’s guaranteed to cause disillusion, if not whiplash.
Read Herbert's article in the New York Times.


Robert said...

There are a couple important things to say about Obama’s movements in the past couple of weeks.

First, you’ll notice that he’s almost adopted Hillary’s campaign (in part or in whole depending on how you look at it). She was running with a more centrist message as compared to Obama and appealing to the working middle class. This certainly did not endear her to her party’s more leftist elements. This is important because Obama’s rightward movement is not unusual for candidates as they prepare for the general election. However, as the candidate of “change” (not really) Obama is doing the exactly same thing every other politician has done. This has been somewhat an eye-opener for people who truly believed Obama was going to be different.

Secondly, Obama’s “flip flopping” is a result of his inexperience and outright political ineptitude. If it weren’t for the media constantly fawning over him he’d have been steamrolled by the Clintons. I guess it’s fortunate for the Republicans that the Clintons burned one too many bridges within the Democratic Party. If Obama had been a Republican he’d have been tarred and feathered as this generation’s Dan Quayle. When Obama is off his teleprompter, he looks outright stupid.

The best thing John McCain could do is focus on Obama’s return to the 70’s energy policies and his lack of experience. McCain also needs to get Obama into some debates where he can be pulled off his script because when he isn’t reciting something someone else wrote, he looks like a fool and his lack of experience is immediately apparent.

professor ed said...

The only "national" leaders who truly met what they said, when they stated it was time for a change, were the signers of our Declaration of Independence. If I could have a free tank of gas for every U.S. presidential candidate through history who has stated "change" as his theme. Yes, I agree with Robert that Obama is trying to usurp Clinton's former base of power, while maintaining his far left credentials. The time has long passed when a candidate could promise different things to different folk, depending on where he was speaking. The blogsphere has far surpassed the teletype machine. If Obama continues his current political path, he will, come election day, find himself alone and abandoned in a very cold political landscape.