Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama: tune-ups and air in your tires

On a recent campaign stop, Barack Obama said, ""We could save all the oil that they're talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups."

Missouri senator Kit Bond responded saying, "Rural Missouri is suffering a gas price crisis and the best thing Senator Obama can come up with is more hot air, this time for your tires,"

I suppose you could argue that Obama was just talking about how we should conserve more energy, but the context was the Republican proposal to actually do something about the energy crisis by drilling offshore.

While Obama and the Democrats are currently blocking every attempt to produce our own oil the best Obama can come up with is to put more air in your tires and keep your car tuned!
(Not only does Obama make the oil crisis your fault by not conserving enough, but he is apparently so out of touch with the average man that he doesn't realise that cars don't need full tune-ups any more since they are now assisted by computers).

But let's help Obama out. I'm sure we could think of many ways to save oil. For example if everyone stopped idling their cars at fast food drive-thrus, or if everyone only went shopping once every two weeks, or if everyone moved closer to work, or if people stopped going to the lake on the weekends, we could save all kinds of oil!

Like Obama, we could come up with all kids of ifs to save oil, but in order for these ideas to be anything more than hot air, they have to be implemented and enforced. Maybe Obama could establish a tire police to do spot checks on your tire pressure!

Barack Obama is just not ready to be President of the United States!


Kevin said...

In related news... responding toa question about a looming African famine Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, suggests to 'let them eat cake.'

jazzycat said...

Back in the sixties there used to be a Sci-Fi program called, The Twilight Zone! Sometimes it would have programs on what the future would look like. If they could have only envisioned the lunacy of the modern day liberals, they would have had much material for the twilight zone.

Unfortunately, it is no longer fiction as the deluded leftists have left Sanitytown for Kooksville in ever increasing numbers.