Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama birth certificate

I thought the controversy surrounding Barack Obama's birth certificate had been laid to rest once and for all. Apparently not.


Kevin said...

From the article:

Will Obama and his people continue to stonewall in the facing of the mounting evidence of forgery, and provide paper proof of an authentic, original birth certificate or even a genuine secondary Certificate of Live Birth? And will the mass media and mainstream pundits -- which so far have hesitated to touch the hot potato -- finally address the loaded issue of his possible unfitness to meet the basic Constitutional requirement for a President?

This is really really scary stuff... they can't even produce proof of legal eligibility? What is wrong with our government that this was not either found before or that there is not sufficient evidence to prove that Obama was born in the United States?

Apparently the Constitution is really just for when the government find it convenient for them to follow.

Alcamadus said...

How can you even be nominated or considered for president if you haven't shown valid proof of birth? This is a quagmire either way you look at it. If he made a forgery than he is liable for fraud, and if he somehow squeezed through without giving proof both he and the party are negligent.

If this continues, the Democrats could have just shot themselves in the leg.