Sunday, July 06, 2008

NBC Baby Borrowers

According to the Associated Press, there is a new reality show in the works called The Baby Borrowers. The show is intended to send the message, “Don’t get pregnant.”

In this show five 18-20 year old couples live together and take care of someone else’s baby or toddler for the 18 days of show production (Townhall). Don’t worry, nannies and paramedics will be standing by in case of emergency--but they can only intervene in the case of an emergency.

If someone bathes the baby in water that is too hot, or feeds the baby food that the baby can’t swallow, or suddenly looses control and shakes the baby (or toddler); isn't it comforting to know that paramedics will be there to treat the burns, choking or broken neck?

Does it really need to be said that babies and toddlers are not like lawnmowers or hedge trimmers that you might loan to a trusted neighbor? They are real people! Jan Hunt, director of Natural Child Project, wrote,
“Sudden removal from their parents and placement with strangers for long periods of time is from a baby's point of view no different than a kidnapping…It has been well-established that babies who suddenly lose their primary caregiver can quickly go into mourning and emotional depression."
I don’t care what the show’s message is. Anyone who voluntarily turns their child over to complete strangers for someone else's entertainment should be prosecuted for child abuse.


Robert said...

So, the kid is with them full time and completely separated from their parents? If so, this would be pretty sick. The next question is who would be stupid enough to "loan" their baby out for something like this?

Dennis said...

Apparently some of those to whom NBC paid enough money. My understanding is that the first season has already been shot.