Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Homosexuality and fascism

The folowing is an action alert from the FRC:

Stories of the homosexual lobby intimidating companies and individuals who stand up for man-woman marriage are becoming more and more common:

o In Massachusetts, during a petition drive to get a state marriage amendment on the ballot, homosexual activists called people who signed the petition and threatened them with lawsuits or worse.

0 Boston public school teachers were threatened with termination if they failed to portray so-called homosexual "marriage" in a positive light.

o Michigan's largest homosexual activist group says once marriage is legally redefined to include homosexual couples, business owners and even news media outlets that refuse to recognize such marriages should be jailed, or sued and "publicly slapped."

In California we are hearing similar stories, but now the intimidation tactics are being endorsed by one of the nation's largest unions -- the AFL-CIO. Homosexual advocates, with the powerful backing of national union leaders, are calling for a boycott of Bolthouse Farms, a California company that provides organic juices, lemonades, and smoothies to places like Whole Foods and other organic markets, simply because one of the minority owners donated money to the petition drive to put a marriage amendment on the ballot.

This is another harbinger of how homosexual activists want Christians who oppose homosexual "marriage" to be treated -- shut out of the public square with no recourse.

Please contact the national AFL-CIO to let it know such tactics are intolerable. As people of religious faith and moral conviction who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman -- we will not be silenced.

I might add that this is only the beginning if Barack Obama becomes President. Please go to the Family Research Council website and sign their petition.


L'oiseau said...

Radicals are annoying. Remember that guy who blew up an abortion clinic? Wasn't he a "Christian"? I understand you're point, I just want to add that not every member of a given group is a crazy radical.

Dennis said...

l'oiseau,I think Jesus and Paul were considered pretty radical :-)

Actually, I agree with your point. One difference, however, is that any time one of those Christian radicals committed some act of vandalism or violence, the Christian community was quite vocal in their public denunciations.

Although the gay community is quick to denounce any perceived "hate speach" against them, I've never once heard anyone in the gay community denounce any of the many examples of thoroughly disgusting hate speach spewed out gay rights advocates.