Saturday, July 12, 2008

Free Speech in Canada

This link was sent to me by Steve Boissoin, the Canadian pastor who has been prosecuted (or shall we say, persecuted) for what he wrote in a letter to his local newspaper.

The link goes to an article written by Nigel Hannaford who has been a journalist for over 30 years and serves "on the editorial board of the Calgary Hearld. Mr. Hannaford writes,
Free speech is a core Canadian value, an essential element in a free and prosperous society, and it is significantly endangered by the growing body of unchallenged precedent that has been accumulated by an agendadriven HRC system. Canadians are becoming unsure of what words may safely be said and which may not. Debate on vital matters of public policy has been chilled, as valuable voices are silenced along with those of marginal utility.
Hate speech laws sound admirable at first, but they have a way (in Britain, Australia, Canada, etc.) of becomming anti-free-speech-laws. Americans would be foolish to think it can't happen here.

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