Saturday, July 19, 2008

Christian decapitates Muslim

Can you imagine a movie about a Buddhist decapitating a Muslim? Of course not. The very idea is rediculous. Of course, the idea of a Christian decapitating a Muslim is absurd also but that didn't keep some anti-Christian bigots at the BBC from airing a drama in which a Christian decapitates a Muslim. Read about it on Dhimmi Watch.


Alcamadus said...

Was this during the Crusades?

Sorry, had to ask. ;P

Dennis said...

Are you talking about the Crusades which were preceded by 300 years(!) of unabated Muslim conquest and oppression? 300 years in which Christianity was forcably snuffed out of countries previously occupied by many Christians?

But I guess its OK for movie makers to make a quick buck villifying modern Christians because one thousand years ago kings using Christ as an excuse, went to battle with Muslims.

Of course these same movie makers would never dream of making a movie in which a group of radical homosexuals behead people. Chrisians are the only ones who are fair game.

Alcamadus said...

...I was just saying that in the context of the Crusades, it would make sense to have a Chrisian cut off the head of a Muslim because they were at war. Like in the Kingdom of Heaven.

However, if this is a modern day movie where a random Christian decides to slice a Muslim's head off, than sure that would be up for question.

Anything in relation to the morality of the Crusades was never brought to the table. Sorry if my statement insinuated that.