Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The surge is working

According to a recent article in the Associated Press (hardly a bastion of right wing thinking!):
"The United States is now winning the war that two years ago seemed lost." Other excerpts include:

Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, told the AP on Thursday that the insurgency as a whole has withered to the point where it is no longer a threat to Iraq's future.

"Very clearly, the insurgency is in no position to overthrow the government or, really, even to challenge it," Crocker said. "It's actually almost in no position to try to confront it. By and large, what's left of the insurgency is just trying to hang on."

In Baghdad, parks are filled every weekend with families playing and picnicking with their children. That was unthinkable only a year ago, when the first, barely visible signs of a turnaround emerged.
Two years ago the Democrats were absolutely unwavering in their insistence that the surge would not work and that the war in Iraq was unwinnable. They were wrong!

More specifically, Barack Obama was wrong. McCain, on the other hand, had the guts to stand for the surge even when that position was a political liability.

If we had listened to the Democrats there would, no doubt, have been a bloodbath of retaliation by radical Muslims loyal to Saddam Hussein against anyone perceived to have been for the West.

Not only does Barack Obama not have the experience to lead America, he doesn't have the judgment either.


Alcamadus said...

Well, I think the "Bring our troops home" crowd is a bit naive. Even Obama has said that he is going to send more troops to Afgahanistan. How do they react to that? Is it just because Iraq has become an unjustified war in their eyes?

It has been interesting to see how the media and the politicians don't really want to talk about Iraq right now (except McCain) because it is actually getting better. The economy has been the big issue.

Robert said...

What really frosts me is that only the Democrats thought the war was "lost". Increasingly, it's becoming obvious that if we had lost, they'd have been the reason why. People like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are a good example of people with little foresight, a lot of bluster, and little to no practical experience. Sounds like another famous Democrat I know.