Tuesday, July 01, 2008

3 Ways to Lower Gas Prices

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Robert said...

The only question I have is:

Punish the speculators? Why? Because they believe the price of oil is worth what they're paying for oil contracts? At this point, they're setting the price of oil because that is its perceived value. If they didn't think it was worth $140 barrel, it wouldn't be trading at that price. The fact is unless we increase the supply, the speculators are justified in being concerned about the supply. Punishing them makes about as much sense as punishing netflix because they're renting DVDs for too much.

Dennis said...


I also have trouble with the language of "punishment." On the other hand, if the speculators are raising the gas prices through the roof and messing up our economy, I think Gingrich's idea has a lot of merit...not to "punish" anyone, but to help the American people and our economy.

Robert said...

Still - using speculators as a "boogieman" is absolutely stupid. It's just opening an avenue to which the government would be more than happy to regulate. It's ultimately an escape hatch for the politicians whose policies have caused this issue. If they can deflect the blame to speculators, they can ignore the real problems (like poor energy policies).

Frankly, speculation is only a reflection of our poor policies.