Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The world AIDS pandemic

The threat of a worldwide AIDS pandemic is over. So says Kevin de Cock, the head of the World Health Organization’s department of HIV/AIDS. According to The Independent:

Dr De Cock, an epidemiologist who has spent much of his career leading the battle against the disease, said understanding of the threat posed by the virus had changed. Whereas once it was seen as a risk to populations everywhere, it was now recognised that, outside sub-Saharan Africa, it was confined to high-risk groups including men who have sex with men, injecting drug users, and sex workers and their clients.
Many believe that there never was a widespread heterosexual threat and that the myth of heterosexual AIDS was just a big lie in order to get a disproportionate amount of money when compared to the leading causes of death.

While the the estimated number of deaths of persons with AIDS in the United States and dependent areas was 14,627 in 2006, the number of deaths from Heart disease = 652,091, from cancer = 559,312, from stroke = 143,579, from diabetes = 75,119, from Alzheimer's = 71,599 (Source: Deaths: Final Data for 2005, Table C).

According to the National Institutes of Health, in 2007 the N.I.H. spent 2.1 billion for heart disease but 2.9 billion for HIV/AIDS.

2.1 billion for Heart disease that kills 650,091 per year.
2.9 billion for HIV/AIDS that kills 14,627 per year.

Looks to me like this is much more about power, politics and political correctness than it is about compassion for people.


Robert said...

The real unfortunate thing about this is that AIDS is almost completely preventable.

Kevin said...

Regardless of the threat of AIDS here in the United States, the risk to innocent women, children, and misinformed men in Africa is enormous. I have been to South Africa, a country devastated by AIDS. The victims there are the women whose husbands break their marital vows and sleep w/ infected women, the children who are raped or born infected, the girls who are told that sex is not the cause of AIDS, the orphans whose parents are dead and are now left alone to fend for themselves.

Please help these people suffering from AIDS.

Dennis said...

While I was focusing on the political aspect of this problem, Kevin focuses on the more important practical aspect. Please click on his link and give.