Monday, June 09, 2008

Thomas Sowell and the election

Thomas Sowell has a remarkable way of cutting through all the debris and focusing on what really matters in the upcoming election. If you don’t read anything else today, please read his short but outstanding article in Townhall .

(Is it too late to draft Thomas Sowell for President?)

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Darrell said...

I found myself at work this evening, thinking about the situation(s) in the Caucasus and asking myself if there was ANYONE AT ALL that I trusted to lead the US over the coming years. I kept coming back to one name and one name only: Thomas Sowell. For some time now I've considered him to be the smartest, clearest, most pragmatic guy I know of based on his books and articles.

Anyway, I reminded myself to google the phrase "draft Thomas Sowell" when I got home. You should do that sometime, you might be surprised at how few pages come up. Your blog was one of the insightful few.

Maybe we should try to organize a real campaign for 2012? ;)

Awesome blog, by the way.