Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Supreme Court and child rape

John McCain reacted today on the Supreme Court ruling that saved the life of a brutal child rapist:
"As a father, I believe there is no more sacred responsibility in American society than that of protecting the innocence of our children. I have spent over twenty-five years in Congress fighting for stronger criminal sentences for those who exploit and harm our children. Today’s Supreme Court ruling is an assault on law enforcement’s efforts to punish these heinous felons for the most despicable crime. That there is a judge anywhere in America who does not believe that the rape of a child represents the most heinous of crimes, which is deserving of the most serious of punishments, is profoundly disturbing" (Townhall).

No word yet from Barack Obama

UPDATE: Even Barack Obama condemns this horrendous decision! (WSJ, Hat tip: Alcamadus).


Alcamadus said...

Obama also disagrees with the courts decision.

Dennis said...

Thanks! I updated the main post.

L'oiseau said...

Is the ruling that he/she should not receive the death penalty?

Alcamadus said...