Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunni vs. Shiite in Pakistan

The Associated Press reported yesterday that a bomb exploded in a Shiite Mosque in northwest Pakistan killing at least four people as worshipers left evening prayers. The area has a history of violence between the Sunni majority and the Shiite minority. Jihad Watch [sarcastically] cites this story with the headline “But remember; it’s all about Israel and American foreign policy.”

Contrary to what Obama’s former pastor and other liberals seem to believe, it is really not about American foreign policy (which has made Middle East Muslim nations rich). It is about the fact that Islam has been an incredibly violent and imperialistic religion since the days of Muhammad.

In some countries, anyone, including other Muslims, who don’t fall into line with what one sect believes, may be in danger of punishment, torture and—as we just saw in Pakistan, even death.

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L'oiseau said...

I agree with you on this one. It's especially disgusting when people start killing their own families over trifles (mostly daughters). But I am confused, which liberals believe that there was no violence in the middle east before we went there?