Friday, June 13, 2008

Pornography and the Ninth Circut Court

The Ninth Circuit Court in California is often viewed as the most liberal district court in the country. Some of us have long suspected something other than objective evaluation of the evidence was going on. Now, according to a June 12 e-mail from the Family Research Council:
…the Los Angeles…discovered that Judge Alex Kozinski [Chief Justice of the Ninth Circuit Court], who was presiding over a lower court obscenity case, had something in common with the suit's defendant. They both have an affinity for hard-core pornography. In a revelation that is shocking the legal community, Kozinski posted on a personal website nauseating photos of bestiality, striptease, transsexuals, and other images too graphic to describe…

As of this morning, he had yet to recuse himself from the current case involving sexual fetish videos. Meanwhile, Kozinski insists that the content of his site would not qualify as "obscenity," a stance he's taken repeatedly in his official capacity. "When he learned that there were filters banning pornography and other materials from computers in the court's Pasadena offices, he led a successful effort to have the filters removed," notes the Times. In other words, Kozinski not only defended the
rights of people to sell revolting--and potentially illegal--smut, but he advocated that his staff be able to view this content at work! "This is a funny joke," the judge said about the controversy. But few Americans are laughing. They, like FRC, believe that Kozinski is ill-equipped to try an obscenity case when he clearly does not understand the definition of obscene. We call for his recusal in this case and a reexamination of his fitness as chief of one of the most important courts in the entire nation.

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