Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pastor Stephen Boissoin responds

Yesterday I posted on Pastor Steve Boissoin and his trouble with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Pastor Boissoin responded to my post and has convinced me that he does not in any way advocate violence against gays and that he has been railroaded by this Canadian Human Rights Commission which is a serious threat to freedom of speech and freedom of religion in Canada. Pastor Boissoin, I sincerely apologize for misunderstanding you and the reports about you, and for adding to your anxiety with my post.

I've posted Pastor Boissoin's initial response below but you can read all of his responses by referring to yesterday's post. Pastor Boissoin wrote:

Friend,You have your facts totally wrong and you obviously haven't researched the story and due to such are guilty of the same type of irresponsibilty you accuse me of.Here is some information to consider.

1. The boy that was assaulted never went to the police.

2. There was no investigation and I never even heard a peep about the supposed assault from the police who I was involved with on almost a daily basis. I heard about it, like everyone else when it was in the newspaper over two weeks later.

3. The Publisher of the Red Deer Advocate informed me that the boy came to them about the story.

Think about this for a minute, while a heated gay debate is going on in my community a gay teen goes to the paper and claims he was beaten for being gay. He claims he is fearful but still allows the newspaper to publish his story (he provides no witnesses) and he does NOT go to the police. Think: he is ok with his story and his picture being in the paper, admittedly afraid but will not go to the police. There is simply no way to verify if this is even a valid story. This teen did not appear at the hearing as a witness...he did not ask a representative to appear on his behalf...he did not forward a written statement yet the complainant against me was allowed to use this unsubstantiated story as 'evidence.'

At the hearing there was a witness for the complainant, while a participant on a employability skills grant at our facility, she THOUGHT she heard me say that I knew who did it and speculated that I allowed them to continue participating in our program. Before God Almighty, this was absolutely false. I have never known who did it nor am I sure it ever happened.

The facts:1. I did not EVER know who committed the supposed assault and still do not know today. Nor do the police as my understanding is there was no ivestigation.

2. The witness may have overheard me guessing because afterall we were a at-risk
youth ministry and troubled street teens attended.

3. I was part of the inception of the RCMP's Restorative Justice. To accuse me of such a thing is absolutely ridiculous. Colleagues that know me laugh is disbelief.

4. I had a very good reputation with my community's social care organizations, Probation Officers, the Police (even judges), lawyers and was a voluteer for the RCMP. Most important, I had very good relationships with teens, gay or straight and every single one of them that knows me, knows that I would protect them from harm, regardless of their sexual orientation. Here is what the gay teens and young adults that I worked with think of me

5. I gave my life saving to at-risk youth outreach. I have performed teen memorial services and had over 25 teens live with and straight. I gave my whole heart to youth work. This accusation is pure garbage. Friend, don't just throw something up on your BLOG for the sake of appearing to be in the know about current events. You are way off on this one. The Human Rights Commission hearing was a farce and things that were accepted by them would suffer a different result in a real court of
law.....which is exactly where we are taking this.I encourage you to read the information on the following link submit this to you with the hope
that you will be honourable and care for the TRUTH.Stephen Boissoin

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Stephen Boissoin said...

It is a pleasant surprise to see such a rare public display of integrity via your apology.

Thank-you friend,

Stephen Boissoin