Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama lies again

Barack Obama recently broke his promise about public financing of his election. Why did he lie? (Maybe I should say, why did he lie again)?
Obama did it for the money, not for the high-minded ideals he claimed to cherish as he threw them under the bus. The Post notes that Obama specifically told their editorial board that he would accept public financing if the Republican nominee did the same, and repeated that pledge on a number of occasions. Only after it became clear that he could outraise the Republicans did Obama change his mind, and it wasn’t because of 527s, attack ads, or any of the other excuses Obama gave for breaking his word.

Read the whole story at Hot Air. If Obama will lie through his teeth now whenever it is to his advantage, what makes Obama supporters so sure he will keep all those very expensive promises he makes on his website? Doesn’t this make you wonder if Obama is just like his Democratic colleagues in Congress who deliberately and knowingly lied about pulling troops out of Iraq just to get elected?

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