Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama and terrorism

Please take time to read Ed Morrissey's short but excellent article on how Obama would handle terrorism. The bottom line is this:
Besides that, though, Obama didn’t understand the question, and even his longer answer shows that. Williams asked him what he would do if we had incontrovertible evidence that AQ had conducted the attack. Obama avoided that by saying we’d have to do an investigation to be really, really, super-sure that AQ was responsible, and only then “take potentially some action” to dismantle the network. Otherwise, he’d mostly just talk — to the American people, to our allies, and anyone else who might feel alienated by any action we took to defend ourselves from further attack.

The RNC really should have clipped the entire answer. Never once in this answer does Obama pledge to take action against terrorists who would have killed thousands of Americans once again in terrorist attacks. It’s far more important for Obama to talk than take action.

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