Monday, June 30, 2008

Kiss what!?

Sounds to me like the Democrats have something of a pothole on their road to unity.

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Robert said...

I honestly believe that Democrats were tired of the Clintons and their dirty politics. They wanted to be free of the burden that the Clintons offered. Plus, when dealing with the Clintons you always knew you were playing with fire. Should something come up that might put your interests and theirs in conflict, they'd turn on you in a second. Plus, they had no problem letting their "friends" fall upon their sword. After a while, they built up enough enemies and wreckage from their respective campaigns that they had considerable opposition.

Although Obama represents a return to Carter-era policies, he is a newcomer to DC politics. When he presented a viable alternative to Clinton, disaffected Democrats jumped ship. It almost became “anyone but Clinton.” They were willing to ignore the massive deficiencies that Obama represented in an opportunity to rid themselves of the Clintons.

Don’t think they’re going to quickly disappear from the scene. The Clintons may have a bloodied nose, but people like them don’t just leave voluntarily.