Thursday, June 26, 2008

Canadian health care

In Hot Air today Ed Morrissey writes,
Ever hear of Claude Castonguay? Maybe not, but those who follow the health-care debate have certainly heard of his creation. Castonguay fathered the single-payer system in Quebec that locked out private insurance, the one which advocates of nationalized health care in the US love to cite as a success story.
Morrissey goes on to report that
Castonguay has realized — a little late — that socializing medicine creates a shortage-management system. It limits the resources available, which drives down the level and the quality of service. Without free-market competition and under a burdensome regulatory scheme, there are no incentives for investment, and not even “massive” amounts of government spending can solve those core problems.
We're all concerned about health care and we all care about the poor, but Government is not the solution! Obama supporters, are you paying attention? Please don't do to America what Castonguay did to Canada!

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