Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hollywood hate speech

I was flipping channels on TV last night and happened upon an old movie (1990’s) called “The Rapture.” It was already about half over but the last half was about a naive, but sincere and peaceful evangelical Christian woman who eventually became convinced that God was calling her to go out to the desert to await his return.

When God didn’t come back she eventually became convinced that God wanted her to shoot her little girl to death to send her to heaven (the woman then intended to commit suicide but decided not to when she determined that suicide victims could not go to heaven).

Stricken by remorse, she then began to hate God for deceiving her and for commanding her to kill her little girl. The movie pretty much left the impression that you should really watch out for these sincere, kind and peaceful, evangelical Christians--especially those who are vocal about their faith--because underneath they are actually severe mental cases who just may deconstruct into insanity.

Then I thought about the last movie I saw portraying a peaceful Muslim, or a kind homosexual who deliberately shot their little girl in the head….oh wait, not only have I never seen such a movie. I’ve never even heard of such a movie! A movie like that would be universally condemned as vitriolic hate speech! Not only would every media outlet in the country rant against it, but it would likely even be condemned by members of Congress!

Yet Hollywood has produced a consistent stream of anti-Christian bigotry. And while Americans decry every other kind of prejudice, bigotry and hate speech, when it comes to the anti-Christian variety they just kind of yawn. In fact, any Christian who dares to complain about it may even be attacked as overly sensitive, self-pitying, or even as being against free speech.


Brent said...

You just look to be offended every chance you get don't you? And if you've never seen a movie about a violent Muslim, you don't watch many movies.

Brent said...

I just re-read your post and saw that you actually wrote you've never seen a movie "portraying a peaceful Muslim, or a kind homosexual who deliberately shot their little girl in the head" No, I don't suppose you have! Wouldn't that be the exact opposite of peaceful or kind, just as the person you saw in the movie turned out to be? This blog continues to confuse me.

Dennis said...

Brent, I know there are a few movies that may contain violent radical Muslims (usually balanced by peaceful Muslims to make the point that most Muslims are peaceful), but I've never even heard of a movie that portrayed someone in the "peaceful" Muslim community as being a mentally unballanced murderer.

And I challenge you to find ANY movie that portrays a homosexual as a mentally unballanced murderer.

But the movie I watched portrayed an otherwise kind and peaceful Evangelical Christian who later turns out to be a mental case who murders her own kid. The underlying message was, watch out for those apparently kind, peaceful Evangelical Christians--they are really mentally disturbed psychos.

Why is this so hard to understand?

To all other readers: Notice in my original post I said, "In fact, any Christian who dares to complain about it may even be attacked as overly sensitive, self-pitying, or even as being against free speech" and then Brent responds by accusing me of looking for every chance I can find to be offended.

He proved my point.

L'oiseau said...

On the show 'Lost' both of these examples happen. One of the "Others" who kidnaps a little boy and kills a lot of people is a homosexual who is portrayed to be the nice guy at first. Also, there is an Iraqi soldier there who tortures people in the show, but he's on the good side.

What you were watching was a movie. They had to come up with a plot. Crazy people make for good plots.

Brent said...

Well said, L'oiseau.

Brent said...

Dennis, you asked for "ANY movie that portrays a homosexual as a mentally unballanced murderer." Two that come to mind off the top of my head: "The Talented Mr. Ripley" stars Matt Damon as homosexual who is also a disturbed violent murderer. And the Alfred Hitchcock movie "Rope" is about two gay men who murder someone and then host a dinner party with the body hidden in their apartment just to see if they can get away with it. Satisfied? You've admitted before that you don't see many movies, so maybe you shouldn't make such general statements about them.

jazzycat said...

It should be pointed out that before PC standards were in vogue, Hollywood movies were not into the agenda based manipulation that we know today. Alfred Hitchcock was certainly before this and there will always be exceptions.

That being said, to deny that Hollywood does not engage in political correct agenda based manipulation shows an amazing lack of discernment! One who believed that would probably also believe Dan Rather was an objective reporter.

I think the main point that Dennis is making is to acknowledge and expose it.

L'oiseau said...

Jazzycat, I'm getting pretty tired of your baseless generalities and snarky comments.

While I don't disagree that some people in Hollywood aren't Christians, don't like us, and maybe even hate us, and that gets into the movies, I don't think that getting all riled up about things makes any difference in the world. It helps if you actually take Jesus' words for what they are and realize that people are going to hate us.

Yes, they're going to be hypocritical about hating us. Frankly, to both of you, DUH. :)

Brent said...

I'm asked to provide "ANY" example, provide two, and then am told that there will always be exceptions. That's why I keep coming here: deep insight into the workings of conservative minds.