Tuesday, June 10, 2008


According to an article in FrontPage:
THIS WEEK YET AGAIN PROVED THE PARTYOF DEFEAT'S KING WEARS NO CLOTHES. On Wednesday, a jury found Lieutenant Andrew Grayson "not guilty" of covering up the (un)massacre at Haditha. The 27-year-old had been accused of multiple counts of making false official statements and one count of attempting to deceive by making false statements. A charge of "obstruction of justice" had been thrown out the day before.More than simply another exoneration of those accused of wrongdoing in Haditha – the sixth of eight accused – this verdict will go a long way to redefining Haditha and refuting those who insist on slurring "baby-killer" Marines and the United States herself.
Haditha is just one example of many on the Left, like John Murtha, who seem so eager to condemn America even before all the facts are known. It is precisely this eagerness that causes the Right to question patriotism of some on the Left! Please read the entire article.

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